Regina Olga Mullen

Content strategist.

About me

I’m a copywriter, freelance writer, and content strategist from the Bay Area, living and working in San Francisco. Currently I work as a Senior Copywriter for YouTube TV via Media.Monks. 

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, skiing, attempting Pinterest-inspired baking fiascos (and occasional successes!), and wholly assuming the role of overly-competitive washed-up former collegiate athlete(™️) in a few volleyball leagues. I also teach a college prep English Comp class at San Quentin. 

Other fun facts: I have a particular fondness for magical realism, Yosemite, Stephen King, a hoppy beer, and Harrison Ford films (with the exception of Cowboys vs. Aliens, because you’re better than that, Harrison).


I craft compelling copy across formats, products, and industries (in Westeros and beyond). 

Explore a few past projects.