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At Replicon, we pride ourselves in the workforce management and HR expertise that various members of our team bring to the table — expertise that is by no means limited to our blog. Below, we’ve pulled together a few external pieces that highlight the wisdom, advice, and even occasional wit of the Replicon team:

The Working Families Flexibility Act: Where Businesses Can Slip Up With Overtime

VP of Product Marketing Vinita Venkatesh gives her take on the new overtime bill for The Working Families Flexibility Act, which has already passed in the US House of Representatives, and is currently being reviewed by the Senate, aims to give nonexempt workers the option to collect overtime compensation in the form of time-off (as opposed to regular overtime wages). While the bill aims to provide workers with more flexibility, there are a few ways that its intent could be exploited. Venkatesh both examines the potential drawbacks of the bill, and offers strategies for businesses to address these drawbacks head on.

Preview: “Organizations like the National Partnership for Women and Families continue to strongly oppose this otherwise seemingly family-friendly legislation, expressing doubt that it’s theoretical improvements in employee flexibility will actually manifest themselves in practice. This bill, they claim, could be easily exploited by employers to ultimately render their workers ‘less time, less money, and less flexibility.’ Difficulty adhering to existing labor laws has resulted in a dramatic increase in overtime lawsuits over the past few years alone, and it’s not unrealistic to assume that this new bill will bring on additional compliance difficulty for businesses. Should this act pass into law, your business should be prepared to implement this new overtime ruling in a way that benefits you and your employees.”

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Your Corner Store Does Not Need Virtual Reality: When to Leave Industry Trends Alone

VP of Global Field Sales discusses the use and misuse of industry trends and buzzwords in tech, and how businesses can leverage these without looking desperate or derailing their current marketing.

Preview: “If the guy selling me chips (ketchup is my favourite by the way) at the local corner store offered me a ‘premiere VR experience’ during checkout, that would, of course, seem totally ridiculous to everyone involved. Chips and VR don’t go together that well. But here’s the thing — if VR doesn’t directly tie into your existing marketing, value prop, and overall mission, then your company is probably going to look like the guy selling chips in Oculus Rift headgear.”

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4 Steps to Better Leadership: A Lesson in Magic & Management

Replicon content marketer Regina Mullen takes an in-depth look at the management lessons to be learned from one Albus Dumbledore, and how these can be applied to your own company or career in the muggle world. Though an ultimately fictional wizard headmaster, Dumbledore’s lessons in leadership are often directly applicable to the real-life corporate world, and are particularly useful to those stepping up to a managerial role for the first time.

Preview: “A very wise and totally-not-fictional wizard headmaster once said, ‘It is a curious thing…but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who…have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.’ And, while this is as lovely as it is insightful, we can’t all be bespectacled teenage Quidditch prodigies hell-bent on destroying the most evil villain of all time and saving the wizarding world from his reign of terror. In fact, most of us aren’t even this guy.”

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In Defense of Work-Life Balance

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Raj Narayanaswamy takes to to delve deep into the issue of work-life balance in Silicon Valley (and in general) — discussing why it’s important, why it’s elusive, why it can often be a gendered issue, how it can ultimately help make your employees more productive, and more.

Preview: “When being overworked starts to seem like the national pastime, employees are going to feel pressure to put in longer hours at work. Add a burgeoning mobile workforce to the mix, and we get employees working a 50- to 60-hour workweek, who feel additional pressure to be available in their few off-hours via email, cell, Slack, etc. It should come as no surprise that one in three full-time employees cite work-life balance as increasingly difficult to achieve in the past five years, according to an Ernst & Young survey. There are several reasons why this is bad for you, and bad for business:”

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3 Ways You’re Losing Billable Hours (and how to remedy them)

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Raj Narayanaswamy describes three ways professional services firms could be leaking a significant amount of billable hours, and offers strategies to help stem the flow and improve their bottom line.

Preview: “For professional services firms, most of us concede that a few billable hours will inevitably fall through the cracks — but the actual amount of time lost can add up quickly, and is likely to be a little more than you thought.

In fact, in a Chrometa survey of over 500 professional services employees, participants estimated that they ultimately billed for just 67 percent of their actual billable time. This, of course, translates to substantial revenue leakage for employers of consultants, accountants, IT professionals, and anyone else that falls under the ‘professional services’ umbrella and the jurisdiction of the often-unforgiving billable hour.”

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