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With experience as a content marketing associate, demand gen copywriter, writing consultant, journalist, freelance writer, AVID tutor and guest teacher, English department reader, and literature major, I’ve dedicated the vast majority of my professional and academic careers to the written word.

Though currently based in Silicon Valley, I’ve written for a variety of disparate industries and ventures (tech and otherwise), and can easily adapt my style to suit the voice and needs of any company.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, skiing, attempting Pinterest-inspired baking fiascos (and occasional successes!), and wholly assuming the role of overly-competitive washed-up former collegiate athlete(™️) in two adult volleyball leagues.

I have a particular fondness for magical realism, Yosemite, Stephen King, a hoppy beer, and Harrison Ford films (with the exception of Cowboys vs. Aliens, because you’re better than that, Harrison).